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Also known as A Medium


The anonymous author of Revelations of a Spirit Medium avowed his retirement from the vocation of a fraudulent medium with the release of the title in 1891. He had been making money from seances for most of the latter half of the 19th century. When his book was first published in 1891, in print, spiritists and fraudulent mediums burnt every single copy of it they thought existed and went as far as to destroy the printing plates. They did fail to annihilate it though and copies resurfaced years after the autobiography was branded lost. Online book-reading groups and various editions of the title have often attributed this author's identity to Elijah Farrington, owner of the original publishing company, Farrington & Co. of 37 East Tenth Street, St. Paul, Minnesota, and its representative Charles F. Pidgeon and mediums Donovan and Mansfield, and the spirit-photographer Frank N. Foster. Whether one or more of them wrote Revelations of a Spirit Medium is not conclusively known.