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Syamales Datta


Syamales Datta received his honours degree in physics from the University of Calcutta and joined the Howrah Improvement Trust (HIT) in 1965. He qualified as an Associate of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, UK in 1971. Promotions followed and he retired from HIT in the spring of 2004 after very memorably serving as its Chief Valuer for over a decade. A fellow of the IOS and the IOV, Datta has also been a visiting professor and research supervisor at Annamalai University for their M.Sc. programme. He has taught valuation at BESU, HUDCO, IUM, IEM, ILGUS, CVB, LIC(I) and JU. Datta's contributions to periodicals and research are much sought after at valuation seminars and workshops.