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Catch Up With Your Kid in Middle School Math in a Day:

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AUTHOR: A. Datta (Writer)



ISBN: 9781465924575

Amazon ASIN: B006S3LK4S

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This book is for you if you would like to be involved in your school-going kid's math education and need to get your own basics right, or if you decided to extend your education, may be involving some computer programming, or statistics and want to be up to speed in junior high school math before taking the next step. This is not on teaching techniques. This is by no means comprehensive. It highlights some of the topics that are either easily forgotten or have been recently included in school math. For your own higher studies, it is hoped that you won’t need junior high school textbooks after reading this book, provided you studied math in school and still have some of it left in you. The following topics are covered and a free sample is available for download. Arithmetic & Statistics Chapter 1: Primary Arithmetic – A Few Points Chapter 2: Beyond Primary – Recurring Decimals, Square Roots of Decimals, Ordered Pairs, Ratio and Proportion Chapter 3: Statistics - Frequency Distribution and Related Concepts Chapter 4: L.C.M. and H.C.F. (G.C.F.) Chapter 5: The Rule of Three, Cost Price or Selling Price, & Average Algebra Chapter 6: Some Basics, Nomenclature, Equations & Formulae Chapter 7: Long Multiplication of Polynomials Chapter 8: Long Division of Polynomials Chapter 9: Cubic Factorization and Quadratic Factorization Chapter 10: H.C.F. (G.C.F.) & L.C.M. of Polynomials; Linear Equations Geometry Chapter 11: Some Fundamental Concepts Chapter 12: Geometrical Constructions Summed Up Chapter 13: The Essence of Middle School Transformation Geometry Chapter 14: Applications of Transformation Geometry Chapter 15: Some Axioms; A Dozen Theorems, & Their Riders