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Vanishing Peak, Eternal Spring in Inexpensive Rainbow Country

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AUTHOR: A. Datta (Writer)

PRIMARY CATEGORY: TRAVEL / Asia / India & South Asia

SECONDARY CATEGORY: TRAVEL / Special Interest / Budget

ISBN: 9781452394961

Amazon ASIN: B004AYD9K0

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"When I was a kid dad told me that Ootacamund a.k.a. Ooty is the land of eternal spring in India. But when I opened the Lonely Planet India Travel Guide, I found that water freezes in Ooty in winter. Surely Ooty couldn't be the land of eternal spring! However not very far from Ootacamund there is a place in Tamil Nadu named Yercaud where the temperature sticks to the 13 to 30 degrees Celsius range forever! This combined with the fact that Yercaud has no proper rainy season makes it possible to visit Yercaud all year round. This is advantageous as it evenly distributes the tourist rush. I decided to take dad to Yercaud and this is the story of our tour. Yercaud turned out to be the most beautiful place we had ever seen!"