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Valuation of Real Property: Principles and Practice

Authors/Contributors: Syamales Datta

Categories: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Corporate Finance / Valuation; BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Real Estate / General

The book will not only help valuers in discharging their professional assignments but will also go a long way to enable other professionals such as the architect, the accountant, the lawyer, the real-estate developer, the academic, the economist, the real estate manager and so on to have a clear understanding of the interdisciplinary areas of their professions where such areas touch and concern real estate. It will also be a valuable asset for the public authority who has a vital role to play in dealings involving property.…


Advanced Valuation for Secured Lending by Banks and Financial Institutions

Authors/Contributors: Syamales Datta

Categories: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Real Estate / Mortgages; REFERENCE / General

Market value serves as the safety valve to the secured lending dynamics of landed property. This book highlights the concept of market value and the various approaches by which it can be estimated. The parallel occurrences of other types of values are presented through the reproduction from the International Valuation Standards' definitions and concepts. The role of comparative evidence in valuation and the concept of hierarchy of evidence in valuation have been presented with reference to the relevant RICS literature on these aspects. All these basics are the subject matter of the first chapt…